Posted by: paperrabbit | September 22, 2010

Premiere league stadium – at google earth

If any of you love football, especially for those who is regular viewer of English premiere league and want to know about the clubs stadium. Well SURPRISE!! You can see it at Google earth .. for free ! 

please click link below for EPL stadium location in google earth

Photos below are screenshots from Google earth, some of the stadiums were under construction when the photo was taken.


Can you guess what stadium it is ? if you’re a real EPL fanatics, you should know the answer .. right ?



  1. why don’t you take the screenshots of Indonesian Stadium? I think it much more interesting viewing stadium such as Kanjuruhan Malang, Mulawarman Bontang, Gelora 10 November, Lebak Bulus, Mandala Jayapura, Mattoangin Makassar, Siliwangi Bandung, and of course Jatidiri Semarang! 🙂

  2. 1st i’m no big fan of indonesian soccer league, in fact i’m no big fan of soccer itself. i’m prefer spend my leisure time either in facebook or sleeping 🙂 . he3x
    2nd i believe the stadium photo whould not be very pretty, and free version of google earth itself only provide indonesian region with less clear photo compare with any advance country, such us US or UK.

    +1 but thanks for your comment anyway, i’ll consider it.


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