Posted by: paperrabbit | September 22, 2010

Google Sky !!!

So here it is some screenshots that i’ve taken from google sky.

Planets in our system, the top are Jovian planets - most of them have rings, consist of debris and ice. at the bottom are terrestrial planets and in the insert is Vega star (alpha lyra - which is located about 25 light years from earth and about 37x brighter than sun, with 2x sun masses), some scientist think that there's life in vega, what do you think ?

Clockwise - crab nebula , ant nebulae, retina nebula (all are the remnant of the death stars)


Helix and eagle nebula, the first is remnant of death star, the second is the birth pool of new stars


Orion's belt with horsehead & orions nebula. The 3 stars (alnitak, anilam and mintaka) are very bright stars, far brighter than sun

eta carinae - one of the brightest and most massive star that known by human, will be death in next several thousands years. the mass is about 100-150 solar masses and 5 million times brighter than sun. Located about 7000 light years from earth

andromeda galaxy, about 2 million light years away, companied by two satelite galaxies

galaxies local group. our milky way galaxy is in the local group together with magellanic clouds and andromeda galaxy. Smaller group compared with the galaxies group in this photo



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