Posted by: paperrabbit | September 22, 2010

adventuring with Google Earth

Do any of you that do not know what is Google earth is all about ? poor of you hihihi…:), you need to step up into the internet age.

Google earth is a product from Google, which can be accessed freely and you can have a peek into satellite images at any location on this planet. The detail level is depend to the importance level of that area. So you couldn’t have very detail image of a village which is located in the deep forest, but in the other case you can get quite detail of your residential which is  located in the city suburb area.

I talked about free version of this program, the professional and enterprise version itself have far more features to offer.

Oh and another one, the Google earth is bundled together with the Google sky, so you can see the sky map, where is mars, moon, Jupiter and many galaxies ?  you can find out those questions with the Google sky, the photos come from Hubble space telescope, and also another space telescopes as well , so you can see not only the visible, but also x-rays, infrared, radiowave, etc.  Wonderful ! that’s a word that I can use to describe this FREE program.

For me this is a fantastic application, one of the best, along with yahoo and facebook (all are free service application ! 🙂  I always love FREE program).

+With this application I could see in detail many areas in another continent and compare it with my homeland.

Below are some screenshots with Google earth.

Google earth – skywiew of Semarang town centre. The old church cathedral and my elementary school are shown at the lower middle of this photo


Google sky – showing orion constellation, Sirius – the apparent brightest star can be seen at lower left.

I’ll make a post with some other interesting screenshots.



  1. to be honest, i’ve never heard about Google Sky, how can we use it? do we have to install it before (just like google earth) ?

  2. Google earth and sky is in one package. so if you have already had google earth, you don’t need to install google sky.
    just go to view – switch between earth and sky.
    or go to your toolbar, there is a saturn like object , just click on it. That’s toggle between sky and earth.


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