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12 kg LNG (blue) and 3 kg LNG (green)


One of the “hot” topics for Indonesian people nowadays is the safety of 3kg LNG cylinder, as we know a lot of accident / explosion have randomly occurred due to the failure of green LNG cylinder, some due to the failure of gas regulator. 

So the question is : are the 3kg LNG cylinders safe ? 

from many incident that have already happened the answer is quite simple : that’s not 100% safe, maybe 98% safe or so, because thousands of that type of LNG cylinders are distributed daily and only a handful explosion occur. 

But how if we’re counted as the minor 2% ? that’s a very good question indeed. 

So is that any solution ? 

These are what I thought in my head 

  1. if you can buy 12 kg safer LNG cylinder, you had better not try the smaller green 3 kg cylinder.
  2. if you can’t buy the blue 12 kg cylinder, because for some people it’s too costly (about Rp. 350 k , which is so expensive for some household) but you have access to buy kerosene, you had better keep your old kerosene stove. Just use the LNG several time and share with the kerosene stove sometimes. Hope it can reduce the risk.
  3. Be careful every time you connect the gas regulator with the cylinder, because the cylinder has far smaller volume, people will more often put in and put out the gas regulator, it’s mean that the regulator has more risk to fail, and we know that the regulator price isn’t cheap for some people, so replacing the gas regulator periodically isn’t an economical solution.
  4. Be careful !, don’t lit the fire if you smell some gas leakage – I really mean it, take out the leak cylinder in the open area, and how if i live in the very crowded kampong ? well just take it out of your home, bring it to the road, or put it into the gutter (full of water) or throw it into the river, …. 🙂

The government has already introduce the LNG to the ordinary people, they hope to cut the kerosene subsidy money, nowadays kerosene is about Rp 3000/Ltr and would not economical anymore, although I think it still safer for some people. And I’m pretty sure that green LNG cylinder will still roaming between us and would not be taken out. So just live with it and be careful.



  1. Ooo.. gitu ya…? biar aman berapa bulan sekali kita harus ganti regulatornya bung??

  2. wah gak tau ya. 🙂 tapi tabung 3 kg akan habis 4x lebih cepat daripada yg 12 kg, jadi regulator akan lbh sering dibuka-tutup 4x lipat.


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