Posted by: paperrabbit | September 20, 2010

Jakarta – Return Back to Normal

Today is Monday morning and many of jakartans worker are returning back to this city after taking a week holiday, they’re returning back to their work and you know what it’s mean ?

It’s mean traffic jam !  at almost every place , as simple as that.

That’s really aggravating me and  many others , but what can we do ? no alternative. I’m quite lucky because my workplace is at southern part of Jakarta so I don’t need to go through the city center, just try to get through smaller “rat” road for faster access and I have to make these nightmare trips twice a day – so all of us has already had good adaptation with this situation.

The good part (or maybe the sad part J ) is that if today you stuck in the traffic jam, just take it as a blessed , why ? Because as you know each day thousands of new vehicles are being added into this city traffic and the roads capacity cannot follow as quick as the increase of vehicle number, so in short – tomorrow traffic jam will be worse than today J.

I cannot imagine do these twice a day uncomfortable trips each working day for the rest of my working career.



  1. ke Jakarta aku kan kembaliiiii…. walaupun apa yang kan terjadiiii…


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