Posted by: paperrabbit | September 17, 2010

Trans Java Toll Road

Several days ago i have had a trip from Jakarta to Semarang, it’s about 400+ km inland travel, and i spent about 22 hours and 12 hours , going and returning back respectively.  

The trip going to Semarang was awful as usual,  because that was Lebaran holiday, a lot of people from Jakarta were rush to leave the city and return back to their origin. A lot of traffic jam in everywhere, most of it were caused by traditional market, really frustrating to me that it happen each year and looks like no solution. The government actually has already proposed to build toll roads system that will connecting  jakarta – Semarang – Jogja – Surabaya, they has already offered it to the investors, and vowed to complete some of the toll road section at 2009 and some others at 2010. But until now the realization as usual is far different  from the proposal. It’s quite sad that a country as big as this still do not possess highway quality interstate road system even in the main / major island.

The proposed toll roads system are shown below, if the project’s success, it will give benefit to a lot of people.



  1. Hopefully the government will continue the toll road construction….it have been a lot of ‘mudikers’ suffer in traffic jam.


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