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Space tourist

Hi there – good morning everyone, now is 9:00 AM and i don’t have a lot jobs to do, in fact i don’t have any job at all 🙂 – so let’s start blogging …it’s better than open porn sites or website full with racist comments anyway. 

– space tourist – 

personally I’m a space enthusiastic since childhood. so what is space tourist ? , it’s self-explanatory : meaning bring tourist to the space and return back to earth safely . 

The first space tourist was Dennis Tito, a californian man whom ever worked with NASA, he paid about 20 Mil US $ to stay  for 9 days  at ISS at 2001. originally his plan was stay at MIR Russian space station, but due to the retirement of MIR, which was plunged into southern Pacific ocean, his plan was changed to far better ISS space station, but only at russian section – he might not entering USA section. Quite an irony because he is an american. 🙂 

Until now the russian is the only country which offer opportunity for the very rich to go the space. some effort was made by many space entrepreneurship, one of the most prominent was Scaled composite, an airplane supplier company founded by Burt Rutan. Scaled composite itself has been successfully made a spaceshipone which did suborbital flight , brought 3 astronauts, returned safely to earth and won the X-prize at 2004. 

Now scaled composite is still in the progress to make Spaceshiptwo, a suborbital plane which able to do suborbital flight up to 100 km high and bring 6 passengers, they cooperates with Virgin Galactic, a company owned by Richard  branson. If everything is succesful, they’re planning to make first commercial suborbital flight at 2011. The ticket costing is about 200 000 US $. Unlike Dennis Tito whom stayed for 9 days in the space and able to walk around in the ISS, the suborbital flight passengers are only enjoy zero gravity for several minutes. 

Spaceshiptwo in the centre with White knight 2 mothership

although commercial space tourist is still very expensive and limited only for superrich, but the space tourist sector is very promising and many people believe that with more passenger and competition the fare will be reduced  and eventually will be accessible for common people.



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