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Premiere league stadium – at google earth

If any of you love football, especially for those who is regular viewer of English premiere league and want to know about the clubs stadium. Well SURPRISE!! You can see it at Google earth .. for free ! 

please click link below for EPL stadium location in google earth

Photos below are screenshots from Google earth, some of the stadiums were under construction when the photo was taken.


Can you guess what stadium it is ? if you’re a real EPL fanatics, you should know the answer .. right ?

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Google Sky !!!

So here it is some screenshots that i’ve taken from google sky.

Planets in our system, the top are Jovian planets - most of them have rings, consist of debris and ice. at the bottom are terrestrial planets and in the insert is Vega star (alpha lyra - which is located about 25 light years from earth and about 37x brighter than sun, with 2x sun masses), some scientist think that there's life in vega, what do you think ?

Clockwise - crab nebula , ant nebulae, retina nebula (all are the remnant of the death stars)


Helix and eagle nebula, the first is remnant of death star, the second is the birth pool of new stars


Orion's belt with horsehead & orions nebula. The 3 stars (alnitak, anilam and mintaka) are very bright stars, far brighter than sun

eta carinae - one of the brightest and most massive star that known by human, will be death in next several thousands years. the mass is about 100-150 solar masses and 5 million times brighter than sun. Located about 7000 light years from earth

andromeda galaxy, about 2 million light years away, companied by two satelite galaxies

galaxies local group. our milky way galaxy is in the local group together with magellanic clouds and andromeda galaxy. Smaller group compared with the galaxies group in this photo

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adventuring with Google Earth

Do any of you that do not know what is Google earth is all about ? poor of you hihihi…:), you need to step up into the internet age.

Google earth is a product from Google, which can be accessed freely and you can have a peek into satellite images at any location on this planet. The detail level is depend to the importance level of that area. So you couldn’t have very detail image of a village which is located in the deep forest, but in the other case you can get quite detail of your residential which is  located in the city suburb area.

I talked about free version of this program, the professional and enterprise version itself have far more features to offer.

Oh and another one, the Google earth is bundled together with the Google sky, so you can see the sky map, where is mars, moon, Jupiter and many galaxies ?  you can find out those questions with the Google sky, the photos come from Hubble space telescope, and also another space telescopes as well , so you can see not only the visible, but also x-rays, infrared, radiowave, etc.  Wonderful ! that’s a word that I can use to describe this FREE program.

For me this is a fantastic application, one of the best, along with yahoo and facebook (all are free service application ! 🙂  I always love FREE program).

+With this application I could see in detail many areas in another continent and compare it with my homeland.

Below are some screenshots with Google earth.

Google earth – skywiew of Semarang town centre. The old church cathedral and my elementary school are shown at the lower middle of this photo


Google sky – showing orion constellation, Sirius – the apparent brightest star can be seen at lower left.

I’ll make a post with some other interesting screenshots.

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12 kg LNG (blue) and 3 kg LNG (green)


One of the “hot” topics for Indonesian people nowadays is the safety of 3kg LNG cylinder, as we know a lot of accident / explosion have randomly occurred due to the failure of green LNG cylinder, some due to the failure of gas regulator. 

So the question is : are the 3kg LNG cylinders safe ? 

from many incident that have already happened the answer is quite simple : that’s not 100% safe, maybe 98% safe or so, because thousands of that type of LNG cylinders are distributed daily and only a handful explosion occur. 

But how if we’re counted as the minor 2% ? that’s a very good question indeed. 

So is that any solution ? 

These are what I thought in my head 

  1. if you can buy 12 kg safer LNG cylinder, you had better not try the smaller green 3 kg cylinder.
  2. if you can’t buy the blue 12 kg cylinder, because for some people it’s too costly (about Rp. 350 k , which is so expensive for some household) but you have access to buy kerosene, you had better keep your old kerosene stove. Just use the LNG several time and share with the kerosene stove sometimes. Hope it can reduce the risk.
  3. Be careful every time you connect the gas regulator with the cylinder, because the cylinder has far smaller volume, people will more often put in and put out the gas regulator, it’s mean that the regulator has more risk to fail, and we know that the regulator price isn’t cheap for some people, so replacing the gas regulator periodically isn’t an economical solution.
  4. Be careful !, don’t lit the fire if you smell some gas leakage – I really mean it, take out the leak cylinder in the open area, and how if i live in the very crowded kampong ? well just take it out of your home, bring it to the road, or put it into the gutter (full of water) or throw it into the river, …. 🙂

The government has already introduce the LNG to the ordinary people, they hope to cut the kerosene subsidy money, nowadays kerosene is about Rp 3000/Ltr and would not economical anymore, although I think it still safer for some people. And I’m pretty sure that green LNG cylinder will still roaming between us and would not be taken out. So just live with it and be careful.

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Jakarta – Return Back to Normal

Today is Monday morning and many of jakartans worker are returning back to this city after taking a week holiday, they’re returning back to their work and you know what it’s mean ?

It’s mean traffic jam !  at almost every place , as simple as that.

That’s really aggravating me and  many others , but what can we do ? no alternative. I’m quite lucky because my workplace is at southern part of Jakarta so I don’t need to go through the city center, just try to get through smaller “rat” road for faster access and I have to make these nightmare trips twice a day – so all of us has already had good adaptation with this situation.

The good part (or maybe the sad part J ) is that if today you stuck in the traffic jam, just take it as a blessed , why ? Because as you know each day thousands of new vehicles are being added into this city traffic and the roads capacity cannot follow as quick as the increase of vehicle number, so in short – tomorrow traffic jam will be worse than today J.

I cannot imagine do these twice a day uncomfortable trips each working day for the rest of my working career.

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Trans Java Toll Road

Several days ago i have had a trip from Jakarta to Semarang, it’s about 400+ km inland travel, and i spent about 22 hours and 12 hours , going and returning back respectively.  

The trip going to Semarang was awful as usual,  because that was Lebaran holiday, a lot of people from Jakarta were rush to leave the city and return back to their origin. A lot of traffic jam in everywhere, most of it were caused by traditional market, really frustrating to me that it happen each year and looks like no solution. The government actually has already proposed to build toll roads system that will connecting  jakarta – Semarang – Jogja – Surabaya, they has already offered it to the investors, and vowed to complete some of the toll road section at 2009 and some others at 2010. But until now the realization as usual is far different  from the proposal. It’s quite sad that a country as big as this still do not possess highway quality interstate road system even in the main / major island.

The proposed toll roads system are shown below, if the project’s success, it will give benefit to a lot of people.

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Space tourist

Hi there – good morning everyone, now is 9:00 AM and i don’t have a lot jobs to do, in fact i don’t have any job at all 🙂 – so let’s start blogging …it’s better than open porn sites or website full with racist comments anyway. 

– space tourist – 

personally I’m a space enthusiastic since childhood. so what is space tourist ? , it’s self-explanatory : meaning bring tourist to the space and return back to earth safely . 

The first space tourist was Dennis Tito, a californian man whom ever worked with NASA, he paid about 20 Mil US $ to stay  for 9 days  at ISS at 2001. originally his plan was stay at MIR Russian space station, but due to the retirement of MIR, which was plunged into southern Pacific ocean, his plan was changed to far better ISS space station, but only at russian section – he might not entering USA section. Quite an irony because he is an american. 🙂 

Until now the russian is the only country which offer opportunity for the very rich to go the space. some effort was made by many space entrepreneurship, one of the most prominent was Scaled composite, an airplane supplier company founded by Burt Rutan. Scaled composite itself has been successfully made a spaceshipone which did suborbital flight , brought 3 astronauts, returned safely to earth and won the X-prize at 2004. 

Now scaled composite is still in the progress to make Spaceshiptwo, a suborbital plane which able to do suborbital flight up to 100 km high and bring 6 passengers, they cooperates with Virgin Galactic, a company owned by Richard  branson. If everything is succesful, they’re planning to make first commercial suborbital flight at 2011. The ticket costing is about 200 000 US $. Unlike Dennis Tito whom stayed for 9 days in the space and able to walk around in the ISS, the suborbital flight passengers are only enjoy zero gravity for several minutes. 

Spaceshiptwo in the centre with White knight 2 mothership

although commercial space tourist is still very expensive and limited only for superrich, but the space tourist sector is very promising and many people believe that with more passenger and competition the fare will be reduced  and eventually will be accessible for common people.

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Arsenal ? oh no…!

My neighbour was written about soccer , about his favourite england première league soccer club = Arsenal, obviously not the riches team in the league and i doubt they will win any trophy this year 🙂 (arguable).

I’m no big soccer fans – i prefered motogp racing which is far more interesting and high-strained, I like Valentino rossi , Jorge lorenzo and Ben spies.

Ben spies riding Yamaha tech 3


last week there was a moto 2 rider  have got fatal accident named : shoya tomizawa. condolence to his family, he is a good – talented young japanese rider.

Well but now i prefer playing facebook games 🙂 – facebook hooked me off into virtual nolife world.

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Oldies comics

Anybody remember oldies 80’s comics such as Trigan and Storm ? those were very popular comics in Indonesia. were created by Don Lawrence t were translated into many languages and distributed around the world.

In Indonesia the distributor was PT. Gramedia majalah – it’s very hard to find the hardcopy right now , but in this cyber age – who need hardcopies ? an pdf is more than enough, easy to store and read.

follow link below for Trigan magazine at 4shared. com – this is my first post contain web address, hope it’s work.

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Jakarta skyline – after lebaran

after several public holiday days (Lebaran) – when so many “jakartans” return back to their “kampung” and this city enjoys less traffic and pollution.

today the activity in Jakarta is start rising again, and at monday the business activity will return back to normal, the great things about that long public holiday are less traffic jam and far cleaner air / skyview. This only happen about 1x in the year – so i wait this with great enthusiasm.

this morning – i see mountains at south of jakarta, which won’t be seen at normal workday. too bad – I can’t take good photograph on that, due to bad quality of my mobile phone internal camera.

jakarta skyline is shown at photo below – this is my first post with a picture being attached –

jakarta in the clear day